1. Masala Pappadum Nachos

*Nachos Style* Deep fried lentil wafers served with mango chutney & jalapeƱos.

kr. 1.890

2. Onion Pakoras

Our traditional starter, finely sliced onions, smothered in a spiced home made chick-pea batter, deepfried and served with mint chutney.

kr. 1.990

3. Vegi Rolls

Vegetable filled rolls,deepfried and served with mango chutney.

kr. 1.990

4. Punjabi Samosa

Deep fried triangle pastries filled with potatoes and vegetables, served with mint chutney.

kr. 2.290

5. Combo Starter Platter

A combo starter platter of pappadums nachos, onion pakoras and samosas, served with mint and mango chutney.

kr. 4.590

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