Soda Drinks (0,25L Bottles)

Choose between: Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fanta

kr. 490

Soda Water (0,25L Bottles)

Lemon or Plain

kr. 490

Juice (In Glass)

Choose between: Mango, Apple, Orange

kr. 490

Organic Ginger Ale (Bottles)

kr. 790

Mango Lassi

Desi mango yoghurt Shake.

kr. 890

Beer - Non Alcoholic (0.0%)

Choose between: Bónði, Stella, Heineken, Corona

kr. 790

Desi Masala Chaye Tea

Desi style masala chaye with milk, sugar, cloves and cardamoms.

kr. 890

Herbal Tea

Ask for available choices.

kr. 590


Coffee (with or without milk)

kr. 590

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